How it works

Ready to operate, fully automatic, maintenance-free online service for proactive diagnostics.


VibroBox vibration sensors and telemetry system (or third party sensors) are installed on the monitored equipment.

Data collection and transfer

Telemetry data recorded from sensors is automatically transferred via a mobile network, WiFi or cable to a reliable server or cloud storage for further analysis.

Data processing

Our data processing is based on open standards, uses both proprietary and traditional algorithms to extract sets of informative features from telemetry. Equipment's health is quickly assessed by algorithms, no humans are involved.

Equipment condition

Short and detailed reports about equipment's health are accessible from the Web or a smartphone. Detailed maintenance recommendations are also provided.


Diagnostic results and maintenance instructions are reliable enough to take effective maintenance decisions. They are also easily imported into ERP, MES, CMMS, and SCADA systems.

Key Features

Unmanned and automated

VibroBox requires no specialized personnel or diagnostics professionals at the enterprise.

Save on equipment

Use your own vibration measuring equipment or get our specialized VibroBox smart sensors.

Convenient and accessible

Diagnostic reports on your equipment condition are always at your fingertips accessible from anywhere by the Web, Smartphone, SMS, and E-mail.

Easy integration

VibroBox service is easily integrated with enterprise ERP, MES, CMMS, and SCADA.

The Science behind our technology