VibroBox integrates with MIDIH for EU customers

MIDIH (Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs) is an innovative project that focuses on integrating Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things into manufacturing processes. MIDIH has a goal of enabling interoperability, decentralization of the decision-making processes, and the digitization of products, manufacturing processes, and business process behaviors.

MIDIH project supports ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs by developing a “one-stop-shop” of services with access to advanced digital solutions and financial opportunities.

VibroBox applied for a grant on the MIDIH Open Call 2 “Data-driven applications and experiments in CPS/IoT,” the topic “Automatic Vibration Diagnostics and Prescriptive Maintenance service for Industrial Equipment in Industry 4.0”.

VibroBox’s goal in the project is to integrate VibroBox Service with MIDIH. That will help companies (mostly European industrial companies and manufacturing SMEs) to become more competitive, become more eco-friendly, and save maintenance costs by improving equipment’s condition monitoring processes. As a result, all these effects will positively influence the manufacturing process planning, supply chain planning, and equipment life cycle.

The primary contact organization was EIT Digital (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), and our mentor was Jukka Koskinen, senior scientist, certified project manager at Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, who supported us throughout the project.