VibroBox and BELAZ-HOLDING make mining trucks more effective

There is a lot of critical and expensive equipment in the mining industry, which downtime is extremely costly for businesses. Manufacturers and consumers of mining equipment are interested in improving the reliability and extending the life of their equipment.

BELAZ-HOLDING is a leader in the market of mining trucks in the countries of the former Soviet Union. BELAZ-HOLDING constantly improves characteristics of the supplied equipment. One of the important areas for improvement is the implementation of automated diagnostics and service management system.

BELAZ-HOLDING successfully tested hardware and software solutions provided by VibroBox. On September 4, 2018, VibroBox and BELAZ-HOLDING signed a cooperation agreement to implement a large scale project in 2019.

Igor Davydov with BELAZ-HOLDING colleague

Igor Davydov with BELAZ-HOLDING colleague.

Roman Tolkach is running tests using VibroBox hardware platform

Roman Tolkach is running tests using VibroBox hardware platform.