Yaraslava Herasimuk

Business Analyst, Research Scientist, Master of Economic Sciences
Yaraslava Herasimuk

In October 2020, Yaraslava completed her postgraduate studies at the Belarusian State Economic University at the Department of “Economic Informatics” of the Faculty of Digital Economy. Her research thesis, “Instrumental and methodological support of digital transformation processes in enterprises,” included the issues of modeling and management of the architecture of enterprises for the purpose of digital transformation.

Yaraslava has practical experience in business processes, analytics, and digital product management in the industry and medicine domains.

In VibroBox, she is responsible for collecting, processing, analyzing, and generalizing best practices and scientific and technical information generated by the team’s research and coordination of research grants. In particular, one of such success stories is the participation of the VibroBox team in the European grant “MIDIH Open Call 2” of the Horizon 2020 program on the topic “Automatic Vibration Diagnostics and Prescriptive Maintenance service for Industrial Equipment in Industry 4.0.”

Scientific Papers and Publications

  1. Integration of the industrial equipment diagnostics system with the Industry 4.0 trend ecosystems built on the basis of the FIWARE framework / D.A. Kechik, I.G. Davydov, Y.V. Gerasimuk, A.V. Tsurko, A.M. Smolev // Information radio systems and radio technologies, Minsk, 28-29 oct. 2020

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