Kiril Zhukovsky

Research engineer, Master’s Degree student
Kiril Zhukovsky

Kiril is a Master’s degree student at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics majoring in “Radio Engineering, including Radio Navigation, Radar and Television Systems, and Devices.”

He has programming experience with various microcontrollers, including STM32, and also with wireless data transfer chips from Texas Instruments and Silicon Labs.

In VibroBox, Kiril tests the equipment being developed for the acquisition of vibration signals and telemetry data. He also actively assists the leading design engineer in development.

Scientific Papers and Publications

  1. Diagnostics of industrial equipment with a variable shaft frequency / K. D. Zhukovsky, D. A. Kechik, I. G. Davydov // Minsk, 28-29 oct. 2020, pp. 204-205

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