Artem Bourak

Research engineer, Master’s Degree student
Artem Bourak

Artem is a Master’s Degree student at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics majoring in “Radioinformatics”, Radio Engineering and Electronics Department.

Artem has experience in developing algorithms for wavelet processing and classification of informative features based on machine learning, as well as digital devices using programmable logic integrated diagrams. He worked in the International Switching Center of Belarus solving programming tasks and tasks related to telecommunication networks and systems modeling.

As part of the VibroBox team, he is responsible for researching expert analysis and interpreting acoustic and vibration signals to address the challenges of vibration diagnostics and medicine. He is also involved in developing equipment components for the vibration signal and telemetry picking-up system and in the functional testing of digital signal processing algorithms.

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