Aliaksandr Trus

Chief Hardware Architect
Aliaksandr Trus

Aliaksandr is a skilled hardware engineer and architect with an excellent knowledge of modern hardware, electronics, microelectronics and industrial automation. He has a vast experience in hardware design, production, testing and certification of multipurpose electrical and electronics devices intended for automation, telemetry data recording, collection, and transmitting. His area of expertise includes:

  • digital and analog circuitry and safety
  • FPGA fundamentals
  • PCB layout
  • telemetry
  • telephony
  • PLC (industrial automation)
  • manufacturing, testing and certification of electronics and microelectronics hardware
  • project and team management

In VibroBox Aliaksandr is responsible for:

  • design and manufacturing of measuring equipment sets
  • technical support
  • development of testing equipment and accessories
  • design of equipment and accessories
  • hardware production
  • technical documentation

Aliaksandr has studied at the faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics in Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics from 1996 to 2001 and graduated as an Electronics Engineer with a specialist degree in Microelectronics.

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